As a photographer, I love to use my camera as a tool to collect and protect memories for others, be that at a wedding, with a newborn child or at an event. My efforts are rewarded as I watch every emotion shown on the face of those seeing their images for the first time. These wonderful moments are firmly etched in my memory.

I have always been interested in photography ever since I first read the ladybird book about this hobby and have enjoyed taking photographs since I had access to a camera.
I was given my first camera - a Boots 110 minigrip when I was very small, I have to say it did produce some great shots, even if I did have to wait a long time for the pics to get back from Truprint. (I'll apologise now to all those poor postmen that I cursed when they did not bring the package I was waiting for)

I am now onto my fifth digital camera, having moved from 3 great fuji's onto a Canon 400d and now a Canon 50d. Each upgrade has had its own steep learning curve but through this, my photography is improving all the time. This education continued with a self imposed challenge of taking a photograph a day which I did keep up for two consecutive years. You really do look at the world differently when trying to complete such a challenge, I tell you!

Work commitments have meant that this year my challenge has taken the slightly smaller form of ensuring I take one really good photo a week. All these photos can be most clearly identified on my flicr site (just take a look in the appropriate folders)

I am really glad that you have chosen to join me in the place I call my virtual home, this is where you will find my personal favourites and those photographs I have been commisioned to take. I am sure you will understand that some of these commisions have been locked, to protect the privacy of those who have commisioned them. If you feel you should have access, please contact me using the contact page.

I do hope your enjoyment of viewing these pictures is as great as mine has been taking them.
Thanks again for looking around